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Organic Directory 2009


In 2006 the first Organic Directory was published in poster format thinking that it would be easier for consumers to carry it around in their shopping bags just in case they suddenly thinking of buying organic. This year the second Organic Directory was published in newsletter format for different reason, mainly due to the increase of the number of operators itself as well as interest shown by the industry players to support the publication of the directory by sponsoring some advertisement spaces provided in the directory. We thank all those involved in the publication of the directory and hopefully with all support that we have received we will be able to keep the publication of the directory for years to come.

This website is a temporary place for the Organic Directory. A more sophisticated site with more information and features will be made available soon and replacing this site. As simple as it is, this website provides all the necessary information for you to get some ideas on the status and situation of the Malaysian organic market.

Should you wish to be listed in Organic Directory 2010 or would like to buy some advertisement spaces available in the directory, which will be featured both in the directory and the Organic Directory website, just browse the Organic Directory 2010 pages. You will see all necessary information there and a simple form to fill in to inform us of your intention.

Enjoy the site and let us know if you wish to suggest something else to be added in the future Organic Directory.



OAM Message: Organic for a responsible & healthy lifestyle

In a world of finite resources, growing population and facing climate change, greater eco-social accountability is required of consumers and businesses to maintain peace, security and economic sustainability....


SOM Messages: Building trust and confidence in organics

Congratulations to OAM on identifying a comprehensive list of organic related operators nationwide. As the numebr of entities listed in this directory shows, organic agriculture offers good business opportunities for producers in the country to move up the value chain....


OAM Organic Assurance: Supporting organic integrity & credibility

A wide range of certified and self-claimed organic products are available in the Malaysian market. It can be difficult to identify which is which, not to mention discerning whether the certification claim is credible or not....


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Organic Alliance Malaysia (OAM)
Administration office:
No. 7, Jalan Nunn, 10350 Penang
Tel.: 604-2265 480
Fax: 604-2265 479

Certification office:
No. 115, Jln. Cempaka 2, Seksyen BS2
Bandar Baru Bt. Sentosa
48200 Rawang, Selangor
HP: 012-2171 275